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An obsession with quality

Every component we choose and every fence we install is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. We ensure that every detail is perfect, reflecting our dedication to providing the safest, most reliable products.


Every handrail from CR Fence & Rail is crafted to endure. It features commercial-grade durability and robust multi-layer coatings that withstand even the toughest weather conditions.


CR Fence & Rail values your time. Our handrails are designed for easy installation, with clear, updated instructions to streamline the process.


Whether you're choosing the perfect handrail, need specific parts, or simply want to ensure your space is safer, our team is ready to assist with expert advice and quick phone support.

Our beginnings

In 2014, the foundations of CR Fence & Rail were laid with a deeply personal project in Richard’s mother's backyard, embodying our core principle: Safety, Made Easy™. What began as a straightforward weekend task to install a sturdy handrail quickly evolved into a complex challenge, highlighting the difficulties many homeowners face in enhancing safety.

Richard's journey started at the local hardware store, where he discovered a surprising lack of suitable metal posts and essential brackets for handrail installation. This experience drove him to delve deeper, spending weeks researching the best materials, understanding durable coatings, and mastering the installation process.

His perseverance led to the creation of a prototype handrail that combined robustness, ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal.

A safety journey from home to heart

Fueled by the challenges he faced and the solution he developed, Richard, along with his partner Chi, founded CR Fence & Rail. They were united by a shared mission to simplify safety enhancements for everyone, ensuring no one else would have to navigate the complexities Richard encountered. This vision has grown into our company ethos, Safety, Made Easy™, which we embed in every product and service we offer.

Today, CR Fence & Rail is synonymous with reliability and user-friendly solutions in home safety. From our initial product—the durable, easy-to-install handrail—to our full range of fencing and railing solutions, we continue to uphold the promise made in that backyard: making safety effortless and accessible for all families.

High-quality & safe products designed for easy installation

CR Fence & Rail takes pride in designing DIY products that can be easily built and installed by everyone, regardless of experience.

All our fencing and railing options are made from high-quality metals that undergo a 5-stage powder coating process to ensure long-lasting performance, even under harsh conditions.

Trust us to have a reliable, safety option for you — whether you’re looking for a security solution for your stairs, deck, balcony or porch.

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Evolving excellence in every product we develop and improve

At CR Fence & Rail, your input drives our innovation. Our commitment to crafting the perfect banister means constantly evolving our designs. From enhancing railings for a more comfortable grip to advancing our coating techniques for superior durability, we’re dedicated to excellence.

We deeply value your feedback — it’s crucial for our continuous improvement. Whether it’s suggestions for better functionality or durability, we’re all ears.

Let us know how we can make our handrails even better for you!

CR Fence & Rail serves customers all over the world. Our mission remains the same: to make it easy and affordable to protect our loved ones. It’s humble growth, but we’re happy to do it right, one home at a time.




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