Means & Methods Disclaimer

In no event shall CR Fence & Rail’s have any responsibility, control over, charge of, responsibility, or liability for the means, methods, techniques, sequences, or procedures, or for safety precautions in connection with the installation of the railing, since these are solely CM/GC's, Subcontractor's, and Owner's responsibilities.

Each installation site differs widely ranging from the construction & condition of attachment points, local building & safety code, local construction code, and local means & methods.

CR Fence & Rail's installation guide (whether it be in text, illustration, video or in support discussion) constitute for ideal installation condition. There is no ideal installation in real life. There is no substitution for consulting a local licensed contractor, architect, engineer, nor code inspector.

CR Fence & Rail's installation hardware and tools are provided as building materials and does NOT constitute as the specific nor final installation hardware. Once again, you and your installer must make the final on-site determination to the specific means and methods of installation appropriate for your installation.

Following CR Fence & Rail's instruction does NOT constitute as proper installation as you and your installer must make the final means & method determination. Improper installation can lead to failure of rail system which can cause serious injury.