CR- Job Benefits

At CR Rail & Fence, we believe work accounts for a huge part of life.  At the end of the day, it is each of our responsibly to think for ourselves and decide how we want to spend our life's precious time.  

We believe each and everyone should be empowered to work for an organization that best resonates with one's value and life's goal.  

On this page, this will outline the tangible benefits for working at CR Rail & Fence.  We love for you to review our other pages that will better paint a picture for you on what it's like working at CR Rail & Fence. 

It Starts With You, Physically 

At CR Rail & Fence, our employee benefits are designed to support our team members during significant moments in their lives. These benefits are tailored to boost productivity and embrace inclusivity, allowing our employees to concentrate on their role in entertaining the world.

  1. Parental Leave: We acknowledge the profound importance of welcoming a new child, whether through birth or adoption. Our policy is simple: "take care of your baby and yourself." Typically, new parents (inclusive of all gender) take between 4 to 8 months off.

  2. Time Away: Our vacation approach is straightforward – "take vacation," and we truly mean it. Work and personal time often blend at CR Rail & Fence. We don’t have set work hours or a fixed holiday and vacation schedule for salaried employees. This flexibility allows you to take time off as needed, prioritizing what matters most to you and ensuring you're well-rested and productive.

    Note: It is typical for staff to take federal (and any local) holidays.

  3. Mental Health: Producing work you're proud of requires being mentally healthy. That's why CR Rail & Fence offers various mental health programs to support both you and your dependents. These include access to mindfulness and meditation resources, as well as complimentary counseling and coaching sessions.

  4. Health Benefits: Medical benefits vary based on your location. Depending on the country, you might have coverage directly through CR Rail & Fence, a supplemental plan that complements local insurance, or an allowance to purchase benefits independently. Regardless of the arrangement, we ensure you have the necessary healthcare coverage.

Let's Make Money Talk Normal 

In line with our culture of freedom and responsibility, we believe in empowering you to make your own financial decisions. Our approach to performance bonus, compensation, and charitable giving reflects this philosophy.

  1. A Stake in the Outcome: Every year, the whole company, through the Great Game of Business practice, all staff will participate in the bonus share program design. This is not a management design and staff provide feedback but rather a comprehensive open book management 360 bonus program designed by everyone.  When the company does well, our staff does well.  

    For more information about the Great Game of Business:

    For a video about the Great Game of Business on YouTube. 

  2. Personal Top of Market Compensation: Our goal is to attract and retain exceptional colleagues by offering competitive compensation. We don't view compensation adjustments as “raises” from a fixed pool. Instead, we pay based on your personal market value, which isn’t constrained by predetermined salary bands. If the market rate for your role changes, we adjust your compensation accordingly, not just during annual reviews. This approach is also a step towards eliminating pay disparities across gender and race.

  3. Employee Giving Program: Your work at CR Rail & Fence already has a global impact, revolutionizing internet entertainment and sharing stories worldwide. We also recognize your desire to contribute personally to causes that matter to you. Through our Employee Giving Program, we support your charitable efforts by matching your donations up to $5,000 per person, furthering your impact in areas important to you.

    2:1 Match on Any Donation Amount from Bonus Payout 
    1:1 Match from Regular Pay